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£20 for £20 George and the Dragon 999 Silver Coins from the UK Royal Mint

Written By: Bullion - Dec• 22•13

20 for £20 George and the Dragon 999 Silver Coin from the Royal Mint.

PuriTEST 30x Magnifier Eye Loupe Lens for Testing Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry + Mini .999 Fine Silver Bullion Bar Christmas Xmas Present Gift Hanukkah Gifts Black Friday Cyber Monday Kwanzaa

PuriTEST 30x Magnifier Eye Loupe Lens for Testing Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry + Mini .999 Fine Silver Bullion Bar Christmas Xmas Present Gift Hanukkah Gifts Black Friday Cyber Monday Kwanzaa

  • Genuine PuriTEST 30x magnifying glass eye loupe, 21mm lens diameter
  • Brand New in shrink-wrap-sealed box
  • Unique gift idea for hobbyists & professional coin dealers, collectors, enthusiasts, or anyone who handles precious metals and other fine objects
  • Ideal when handling fine coins, gold nuggets, silver bars, ingots, and other US bullion or World currency
  • FREE GIFT: Mini 5 Grain .999 Silver Test Bar Value

Genuine PuriTEST “Triplet” 30x high power large lens jeweler’s loupe. Large 21mm double glass lenses for best optics. Golden finish with all metal housing. Used by professionals and amateurs alike. Excellent value. Great gift idea. FREE GIFT: Mini 5

List Price: $ 19.99


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  1. Revolutionist (revolutionthuglife) says:

    Wouldn’t it be worth buying a 1oz silver coin for your money and get
    change? i dont get why the prices are so high when the spot price of silver
    is £12.60 odd its the 20% VAT i guess which is abit of a pain 

  2. Jony Shekalas says:

    Do you know how many troy ounces of silver the coin contains?

  3. flexinglads says:

    Don’t you think these 20 for 20 coins (Canadian ones too) are a ripoff? For
    £20, you could buy a whole 1oz silver coin, with change. Even though these
    are legal tender at £20, that is fiat money, subject to inflation, or even
    disappearance. I guess they could become collectible though. The 1999 Lunar
    rabbit coin is really beautiful and a bargain at £30. They have 2oz 2011
    rabbits on BullionUK –

  4. LAnonHubbard says:

    Got my 3 yesterday too. I was a bit naive on the whole legal tender thing
    and didn’t realise banks could legally refuse them so am thinking of
    returning them and buying more actual gold/silver with my £60. I find the
    coin design a bit bland/simple but understand it’s a historic design so
    that’s probably the point.

  5. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Mine had a 2000 Panda & wanted £40, had it been in its mylar sleeve i
    probably would have bought it. Yes you got a good deal & i’d go back for
    the dog if i was you.(as long as it’s not scuffed up or toned)

  6. eddyk says:

    I hope it’s a beautiful one. I find the UK commemoratives to be pretty hit
    and miss. All of Canadas $20 for $20 coins are beautiful IMO… hopefully
    inspiration is drawn from them.

  7. eddyk says:

    I had seen a 2001 Panda in the shop a few weeks prior, but I didn’t have
    the cash on me that day. I walked in hoping to buy that, but ended up with
    the Rabbit instead. Which I am still happy about. Would you say £30 is a
    good deal? He had a series 1 dog for the same price.

  8. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if they start minting some cupro £20 coins like
    they did with the £5 coins, you don’t see them much in circulation much
    though. You done well on the Rabbit as the series one’s fetch a high

  9. Silver Siren says:

    I can’t wait to get the first of mine in a couple of weeks, I like the
    presentation card design as well. I wonder what next year’s design will be.

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