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How much is 5 grams of .999 gold worth today?

Written By: Bullion - Oct• 27•13

Question by julybaby: How much is 5 grams of .999 gold worth today?
I bought a 5 gram PAMP gold bar necklace. It is .16 oz of .999 pure gold.

Can anyone tell me how to figure out it’s worth?

Best answer:

Answer by Eustace Tilley
You wrote, “It is .16 oz…”

Well, find out the price of one ounce of gold and then multiply that times .16 on a calculator, so, if, hypothetically, gold is worth, say, $ 1000 an ounce, then:

$ 1000 x .16 = $ 160

See how that works?

Good luck!… 😀

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